The equipment is loosely organized into several groups.
   The Novice level is the first group. It includes an Ocean Hopper, Hallicrafters S-19R, Sky Buddy, Eico, Johnson and the Heathkit line from the AT1 to the DX-60. This level emphasizes equipment that was inexpensive, not sophisticated, but still a lot of fun.
   The second group includes the popular AM/CW equipment used by thousands of amateurs, manufactured by Hallicrafters, National, E.F. Johnson, Heathkit, Hammarlund, RME, Barker and Williamson, World Radio Laboratories, and many others. 
   There is also an SSB group, with equipment made by those same manufacturers, but including some others, such as Drake and Signal One. 
   The mobile group includes equipment made by Elmac, Gonset, Morrow, Johnson, etc. 

   Finally, there is the equipment that represents the very best of amateur radio. Examples include several Collins pieces (30H, 30J, 30K-1, S-Line, 75A-4, 75A-3, 75A-2, 32V-2, KWM-1, KWM-2A, 30-L1, R-390A, etc.). Other favorites include a BC610 paired with an SX-28, and the notorious Globe King 500B paired with a 75A-4. A 1920’s spark station replica built from original parts by K6GLH is also included.
Popular AM Group
Hallicrafters HT32, HT33A, SX 115/117  
Spark gap transmitter made by K6GLH from period components
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